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Free Video to GIF is a free and powerful application to convert video to GIF
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If you want to include a video file in an e-mail or a post (for example), a good solution for you would be to convert that video into an animated GIF file. They are much lighter and more manageable than video files. Fortunately, there is Free Video to GIF, which is a handy app that allows you to convert any video into an animated GIF file in an easy way.

The program's user interface may be a bit monotonous, though it is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to select the video you want to transform into a GIF animation (the program supports practically all known video formats). As soon as you choose your video, a new window opens to allow you to configure the output options. Basically, you can select the GIF resolution (with values ranging from 128x96 to 1920x1080) and set a start and an end point to convert only a portion of your video file. Unfortunately, Free Video to GIF does not allow you to play back your video to help you find those points more quickly.

Back in the main window, there is a special panel that shows you log information about the program's activities. When you select a video for conversion, this panel displays a "File has been added to conversion list" message. This may make you think that the program supports batch conversion, but that is not true, as it will only convert the last video you chose. Now you can start the conversion process, which can be stopped and paused/resumed at any moment, too. Moreover, you can activate a preview of your video as it is being converted. The program does not allow you to select the output folder either – your resulting GIF file will always be placed in the same location as the source video.

As you can see, Free Video to GIF may be a very good option for you if you need to create GIF animations from your video files easily, quickly, and for free.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Supports practically all known video formats
  • Allows you to select the GIF resolution from a wide variety of options
  • Allows you to convert a portion of your video
  • You can pause or stop the conversion process at any moment


  • Poor visual design
  • Does not play back your video
  • Does not support batch conversion
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